Cape May City, New Jersey

November 17, 2019
10:37 AM

Calendar of Meetings  
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These are Cape May City municipal meetings. All the meetings are to be held in the City Hall Auditorium unless otherwise noted.    

*  Note: This event has already passed.

Events Calendar
November, 2019
    11-18-19   Council Meeting
    11-19-19   Municipal Building & Properties Adv. Committee
    11-25-19   Parking Advisory Committee
    11-25-19   Beach Safety Committee
    11-25-19   Historic Preservation Commission
    11-26-19   Enviromental Commission
    11-26-19   Master Plan Advisory Committee
    11-26-19   Planning Board Work Session
December, 2019
    12-3-19   Public Safety Building Advisory Committee
    12-3-19   Municipal Building & Properties Adv. Committee
    12-3-19   Council Work Session
    12-6-19   Public Safety Building Advisory Committee
    12-9-19   Parking Advisory Committee
    12-10-19   Planning Board Meeting
    12-11-19   Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee
    12-12-19   Shade Tree Commission
    12-16-19   Historic Preservation Commission
    12-17-19   Enviromental Commission
    12-17-19   Council Meeting
    12-18-19   Zoning Board of Adjustment
    12-23-19   Planning Board Work Session
    12-24-19   Master Plan Advisory Committee
January, 2020
    1-10-20   Seawall/Promenade Advisory Committee
    1-13-20   Historic Preservation Commission
    1-14-20   Planning Board Meeting
    1-23-20   Zoning Board of Adjustment
    1-28-20   Planning Board Work Session

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